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Steve M. Hanni
CPA | Audit & Consulting

Neal A. Hansen
CPA | Audit & Consulting

Jeff Johnson
CPA | Audit & Consulting

Consulting / Acquisition Diligence

When you acquire a new business, you get more than financial value - you also acquire a whole host of new responsibilities and potential risk. At Stayner Bates, we provide high-quality acquisition services designed to help strategic and financial investors gain a more complete understanding of the financial situation of a target business, and make informed decisions that maximize value.

By focusing on transactions, our professionals have accumulated critical knowledge and expertise that allows us to provide clients with sound advice. Our senior-level consultants can provide assistance in assessing the quality of historical earnings used for pricing purposes, and identifying risks related to the business and its corporate governance and financial reporting environment. Leveraging our financial expertise allows you to focus on evaluating the target's business strategy, team, and prospects for growth.

We provide personal service and practical advice through every phase of the acquisition process. Our acquisition services include the following:

•   Quality of Earnings and Cash Flow Assessment

•   Quality of Assets Evaluations

•   Pro Forma EBITDA Adjustments

•   Normalized EBITDA Analysis

•  Working Capital Analysis and Reconciliation

•   Purchase Price Adjustment Review

•   Operational Metrics and Key Business Drivers Analysis

•   Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting Policies and Procedures

•   Forecast Analysis